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Write of Passage VIP Members Group

A writing group that will support, help, inspire and motivate you on your writing journey...

(all for just £10 per month!)

Join NOW!

(You'll be sent a link to the group via email upon subscription​)

I've tried to answer all of your questions below but please click here if you'd like to ask any further questions about the group...

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Why should you join the

Write of Passage VIP Members Group?

Let's talk about mistakes...!

When I started writing over 10 years ago I made SO many mistakes and some of them were real corkers! I spent literally thousands on publishing - which I now know to be vanity publishing - and received a big fat nothing in terms of the promised marketing support. 

I had no control over my work and yet I was getting nowhere fast and paying far too much in royalties. I spent hours researching people who could 'help' me before, (after wasting yet more money) realising that there was very little, practical or 'jargon-free' help available to a new and naive writer like myself.

 I did not know about editing, publishing, cover design, illustration, marketing, royalties...heck, I knew nothing!

I have now published 9 books and have another due for release in October. I have 20 years teaching experience and have taught literacy and creative writing to many, many students. I have written texts and educational material for organisations and corporations as far afield as China and I have learnt ALOT!

It is my mission to help as many new and budding writers as I can; to nurture their love of writing, to help them hone their craft, to enable them to experience the pure joy of holding their first published book in their hands without emptying their financial and emotional short, I want to help YOU!

For the price of two posh coffees a month, I will help you to remain motivated, to gain inspiration from myself and fellow writers, to gain feedback for your work and to ask questions in REAL time and gain answers from a REAL person. If I had found a group like this 10 years ago, I would have ripped off their proverbial arm! So what are you waiting for?

Let me help you and let's get your book started (and published!)...I can't wait to share your writing journey with you!

What will the 

Write of Passage VIP Members Group 

do for you....?

Join NOW!

(You'll be sent a link to the group via email upon subscription​)

  • Monthly LIVE Q&A sessions...I am also on-hand to answer any of your writing questions within the group
  • You can share your work and gain valuable feedback from myself and fellow writers
  • You can network with other writers and like-minded colleagues - this is invaluable to keep you motivated and inspired
  • I can help you avoid costly publishing pitfalls and advise you of the options available
  • There is access to some great guest speakers from the writing and book marketing worlds
  • There are monthly training webinars and writing prompts for you to hone your writing skills
  • Regular accountability challenges to keep your WIP on track
  • All for just £10 per month - that's two posh cups of coffee!
I wish I had been able to join a group like this when I started out!

Join NOW!

If you would like to take your writing journey further with personalised, bespoke courses and writing packages, then visit the Write of Passage Growth Academy page for more information and find the perfect course for you...​

Not sure the Write of Passage Growth Academy is right for you?...

Don't take my word for it...have a sneaky peek at one of our sessions to see what a great time we have in the Academy. We laugh together, shed a tear together and write beautiful words together!


A little vlog about my writing journey - the chance remark that inspired me to write my very first book and how I then became motivated to write more and more! I have lots more stories in my head, so long may it continue...!

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'From Provence to Pontins'

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My new eBook is now live on Amazon!

This one is a bit different, in that it is autobiographical as opposed to fiction - although still funny...I hope!

Living with a phobia and the related anxiety it brings can certainly be a challenge, but I like to think that finding humour in the most difficult times can really help you through. 

In this book, I tell some of the utterly bonkers stories that make me who I am and how, for me, laughter really is the best medicine.

There are lots of ways to get in touch and I absolutely love hearing from you all.

Any hilarious stories for writing inspiration are always welcome!


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Send me a message and I'll be sure to reply..

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I like to put photos of my life as well as things that make me chuckle.

It's a good place to look for book update photos and video snippets too!


My YouTube channel is a great place to find all of my rants and humorous observations about life as well as readings of some of my satirical poetry...