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My Story

I am a former hairdresser and then teacher and assistant headteacher for around 20 years. ​I have always loved all things bookish, and have had a passion for reading and writing since childhood. Real-life never fails to make me chuckle and writing stories that involve observational humour, along with satirical poetry, are what floats my boat. I have published several chick-lit novels to date, and my books are described as light-hearted and entertaining; with the occasional dose of delicious naughtiness thrown in! There are many more stories whizzing around in my head and, as long as life keeps giving me things to write about (along with a little bit of creative imagination), the stories will keep on coming!

I have an MSc in Environmental Conservation and have run numerous creative writing workshops using art and nature to boost creativity and inspire great writing. I have worked with schools, bookshops, charities and Adult Ed groups. I write content for businesses and educational organisations as well as giving motivational talks for business groups, schools and charities.

My Motivation

I have been blessed with the most amazing family and these beautiful people are what make me tick; in every way. They support and encourage me, and are always refreshingly honest about my endeavours. I am proud to call myself wife, mummy and nanny! 

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What my followers are saying...

Very funny lady on how she perceives everyday life. You make me laugh...keep'em coming xx

...can't believe I've only recently discovered this talented woman, I'd recommend her poetry to all walks of life

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