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Here are just a few of my favourite photos...

My amazing family are everything to me - they are what keep me going, make me laugh, look after and support me; I am the luckiest girl in the world! The beautiful 'Girl's Night in Hamper' was put together by my daughter-in-law (told you my family were great!) And I love escaping into my little writing den, which is basically a corner of the garden shed but It's my little sanctuary!

...And a few more

Nature and the environment are close to my heart. I get so much inspiration from just walking in the woods or being by the sea. I firmly believe that being outdoors is good for the soul. If you're feeling down, or a bit flat, a lovely walk can do wonders for your emotional wellbeing. Escaping from the world for a bit really boosts my creativity and my best ideas come when I look like I am doing nothing at all!

I love a bit of vlogging....

Grumpy Moo!

Some days even the sound of people breathing is enough to drive you mad...!!! me a great excuse to have a moan!

...and another thing!

A bit of observational humour about our marvellous politicians!!!