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Mabel & Stanley Publishing

There are many ways to publish and you will learn about these throughout your writing journey.

Mabel & Stanley Publishing is a form of assisted self- publishing (sometimes referred to as hybrid publishing) and the benefits are as follows:

  • You retain rights and complete control over your work
  • We do not take any royalties from your book sales
  • You pay a one-off fee to have your book formatted and uploaded to the Amazon platform 
  • Your book is assigned an individual ISBN number which enables you to put your work on other platforms should you wish
  • You have the support needed to format and upload your work to create a professional end product
  • You have the kudos of a publishing house logo on the back of your book
  • You will have your book listed as one of our published authors on the website

What are my publishing options?

This short video gives an overview of the different publishing options available to new authors...

Benefits to consider when choosing Mabel & Stanley Publishing...

Free to publish by yourself...

  • ​If you partake in any of our writing courses there is no obligation to publish with Mabel & Stanley Publishing.
  • You are free to​ self-publish independently or to seek a traditional publishing deal (the submission process can be arduous in some cases).


If you have written a children's book then the illustrations are your responsibility however, we do have several illustrators on our books who would be happy to offer their services for you to consider.

Costs for images are by negotiation and dependent upon your requirements

There are also other digital options which we are happy to advise you with.

Costs & Rights

  • The cost of publishing with Mabel & Stanley is a one-off fee. 
  • Once you have accepted your proof copy there is no further m​oney charged.
  • Publishing with Mabel & Stanley means that yo​u are essentially a self-published author benefitting solely from our respected publishing house logo on your work.
  • The cost to publish with Mabel & Stanley Publishing has been made deliberately affordable...
  • If you purchase one of our all-in writing and publishing packages publishing costs may be included

  • Ebook only - from £149:00
  • Ebook & Paperback (with no images) - from £399:00
  • Paperback with images especially children's books - from £499:00

Prices include ISBN number but not proof reading or editing


​If you choose to publish with Mabel & Stanley publishing you will...

  • Have an opportunity to check the proof copy before accepting it  
  • Be able to order proof copies (at your cost) if you prefer not to check online
  • Have full control of your book once you have accepted the proof copy and the book is published
  • Click below for details of the publishing contract 

Mabel & Stanley

Publishing Contract

DISCLAIMER - whilst we do not operate lengthy and complicated submission processes we retain the right to refuse to publish your work if if does not meet our standards (especially with regards to editing) or if it contains material that we deem offensive such as overt racism, abuse or radical or terrorist persuasions. We fully support diversity and artistic licence and want to publish a variety of great books that excite, inform, inspire and engage!

Proof Reading & Editing Services

At Mabel & Stanley Publishing we can offer a proof reading service to make sure that your work is as professional and polished as it can be.

We can also offer an editing service for your work which will include a critique of your story so far, including pace, voice, plot and the overall flow of your story. For non-fiction books we will look at the accuracy of your text and the format or layout. We will discuss tone, pace and structure.

Price on negotiation and dependent on length of work.

Typical cost for  proof reading a 50,000 word chapter book is @£300 (poof reading and editing is included in our VIP writing packages)

For a full edit, prices start from £400

For children's books with shorter text length the cost is charged per hour @£59 per hour