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Not-So-Secret Writer's Club

This club is held regularly on FB @Karenstanleyauthor and the audio features in my podcast Writemind.

Join myself and fellow author Joanna Cates as we talk about our writing journeys. We also have some AMAZING guests joining us to share their stories over a glass of something chilled!

Interview with Sibusiso Vilane

Probably one of my favourite people to chat with with! Sibu is so inspiring - as the first black African to climb Mount Everest (TWICE!) he has written a book about his experiences -

'To the Top from Nowhere'

Interview with Fiona Myles

Well.... there are life stories, and then there is Fiona's life story! Me and Joanna practically had our chins on the floor. Fiona talks about her amazing journey and how it inspired her to write - This is Me, no darkness too deep