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I write engaging and original content for businesses and educational organisations both nationally and internationally. I write in the form of social media posts, website copy, reports and evaluations, schemes of work and lesson plans, training webinars & tutorials. I can also compose stories and poems to suit a theme.

If you have any content writing needs then please email to discuss your requirements;

[email protected]


Would you like to host an author talk at your local book shop, library, business event or club.?

I work hard to make sure my talks are uplifting, entertaining and humorous.

I have spoken at many events including:

  •  Women in Business Events
  • Charity Functions
  • Library Events
  • Literary Festivals
  • Adult Ed Groups

Write of Passage Academy

A range of interactive writing courses that cover many different genres and writing styles; giving you training to suit your individual needs and at your own pace.

Details and how to join are on the 'Write of Passage Academy' page.

There are courses for business writing and also for fiction and novels.

Release your inner creativity, find fulfilment and make your writing dreams a reality.

Go to Write of Passage Academy Page


I have run numerous creative writing workshops in Adult Ed groups, libraries and bookshops. 

It's a great chance to get together, talk, laugh and release your creative inner soul!

I use music, art & craft, poetry & nature to inspire writing.

Check out the 'Workshops' page for more details.

There was lots of fun and merry making at the launch of 'The Tattooed Bloke in the Flat Next Door! I really loved writing this book and I didn't really have a plan until I started writing - I let the prequel story guide me!

Waterstones in Ashford have always been hugely supportive of me and I love doing workshops there.

My trusty notebook is never far away - if you see me looking your way and scribbling down notes...BEWARE!


Absolutely seriously brilliant! The best book I’ve read for a long time! Didn’t want to put it down & was laughing out loud while on a flight abroad. Just couldn’t help myself 😂

A fabulous breath of fresh air & a bit racy.

How great to step away from all the seriousness.

Fabulous Karen Stanley 👍🏼


Amazon Review

We had a great time at Karen's creative writing workshop. She enabled us to write poetry even though I had very little confidence to begin with. Fun, creative and very entertaining!


Young at Art Group

A super sequel to The One Legged Lady from Balmoral Road. And here she is again. The hairdresser who has the guts to say it as it is! Really enjoyed Kaz's exploits with her chums as she encounters the best and worst of people. If you haven't read the first book don't worry - this is enjoyable without, but would highly recommend both books.


Amazon Review