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Standalone Writing Webinars

Standalone writing webinars -  only £27 each

If you subscribe to a course you will already have access to a number of these webinars relevant to your course length and genre


Learn about the different publishing options available and which might be best suited to your work. Avoid some of the costly mistakes and pitfalls with sound advice and tips.


What is your motivation to write and how will you keep that motivation going? Learn some really useful tips and strategies to maintain your writing journey.


Learn about of non-fiction and how to structure a book of this genre. Get some tips on tone, planning and writing.

Planning (business)

Useful tips and strategies to help you plan your business book in order for it to have maximum impact and authority.

Planning (novel)

Learn some great tips to help you pan your novel from beginning to end, how to create story build up and resolution...

Writing Creatively

In this module we explore different ways to write creatively and the power of creative language and well-written sentences.


Know who you are writing and make sure that your tone, style, pace and language is suited to that specific audience.

Show don't tell

One of the most powerful components of great writing. Inferred meaning can draw your reader in by making their brain look for connections and meaning in descriptive text.


Good punctuation is crucial to ensure a great reading experience for your readers and for a polished end product. Learn about basic punctuation from apostrophes to speech marks, commas to colons.

1st and 3rd person

1st or 3rd person? - It is important to decide before you start writing and also to maintain consistency. Some works will be better suited to 1st person and others to 3rd. Learn about the how and the why. 


Strong characters are the very backbone of a good story. Learn how to create strong character profiles that your reader can really invest in.

Past & Present

It is very important to maintain consistency when choosing which tense to write in and there are several rules that will help you to do this. Learn to recognise mistakes and refine your use of the correct tense.


It is said that setting drives plot...understanding the importance of your story setting and being able to describe it in such a way that your reader is drawn in, is crucial to great storytelling.

Writing a blog

Writing a great blog that inspires, amuses or informs your customer is a fantastic way to maintain interest in your business, raise your profile and to keep your clients informed. These blog writing tips will help you to write great blogs.

Writing an article

Using formal language and an informative style can really improve your article writing. This webinar gives strategies for writing articles that will help to bring credibility to your bsuiness.

Mindfulness Writing

Mindfulness writing is therapeutic and a great stress-reliever. It is also a wonderful way to boost your creativity whether you are writing for business or pleasure.